Feb. 09, 2017

Auction Site Search Engine Ranking

Auction Site Search Engine Ranking
Frequently, one of the biggest problem auctioneurs face after getting their new shiny auction site out onto the internet is the problem of getting their site ranked on one of the major search engines like Google or Bing. Often Google is the bigger problem as their algorithm is pretty stringent compared to Bing's which is more “welcoming”, giving the new guy on the block more opportunities to show up on the first few pages.

The first thing almost every SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or growth hack advise you will get is content content content. For auction websites, there are a couple of different places you can do that. In the product or item listing, writing a good keyword targeted item title and description then it is up to the auction software to optimize your page in accordance with the latest SEO best practices. The optimization strategy can make a big difference where and how a listing can get picked up by a search engine. The latest version of MyPHPAuction will do that for you. If you are using unlicensed auction software out there based on older versions of MyPHPAuction it could be one of the reasons your auction site might be failing while you continue paying $29.95 every month.

Another highly recommended but most of neglected way to increase your search engine presence is to blog or write articles. The reason you don't see this being utilized much is that almost all PHP auction scripts out there do not come with a blog or article posting feature. The content of these posts should be gently keyword targeted, not seem out of place and should provide your readers with adequate and sufficient information. Articles or posts also should not be solely written for the sake of promoting your site but should actually benefit the reader which is the right thing to do and in turn will benefit yourself as well.

This article was posted using MyPHPAuction's article/blog post feature. For those who don't know, this site is powered by MyPHPAuction and not WordPress like all other auction script sites, most which sell or host unlicensed modified copies of MyPHPAuction. You will be able to make blog and article posts right from the admin of your auction site without setting up a separate blog. Integrating third party blogging software with your existing auction site can get real hairy quickly. More so if you are using a hosted auction script which does not include the auction software. MyPHPAuction provides managed or hosted services as well but with a Single User License included at not additional cost. There is no need to fiddle with code anymore to update your blog or articles.
Feb. 08, 2017

The New eBay v4 Theme

Recently the MyPHPAuction UI has received minor botox treatment. We have done this quickly seeing some of our clients preference in using the default themes we include rather than customize it.
Seeing this usage pattern and many mismatched logo to theme colors. A new interface has been added to the admin to allow you to pick and choose different combinations of color for the primary color gradient of the default theme.