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The Auctioneer, Feb. 09, 2017

Auction Site Search Engine Ranking

Auction Site Search Engine RankingFrequently, one of the biggest problem auctioneurs face after getting their new shiny auction site out onto the internet is the problem of getting their site ranked on one of the major search engines like Google or Bing. Often-ly Google is the bigger problem as their algorithm is pretty stringent compared to Bing's which is more “welcoming”, giving the new guy on the block more opportunities to show up on the first few pages.

The first thing any and almost every SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or growth hack advise you will get is content content content, unique of course. In the bid-auction marketplace or ebay clone context this can be achieved in a couple of ways. One of them is by writing a good keyword targeted item title and description for items being auctioned. In turn the latest update of the MyPHPAuction software will automatically apply the information onto your page in accordance with the latest SEO best practices.

Another highly recommended way to increase your search engine presence is to blog or write articles. The content of these posts should also be gently keyword targeted. It should not seem out of place and should provide your readers with adequate and sufficient information. New also to the latest version of the MyPHPAuction script is the article feature which will let you do just this. Together with your auction site you will be able to make blog and article posts right from the admin. There is no need to fiddle with or upload files with HTML or PHP code anymore. You also don't need to install and integrate any third party blogging or CMS software.